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Exhibition Event
Impression of Asiamold 2012

       From September 19 to September 21, 2012, the 6th International Die & Mold Manufacturing Technology Exhibition for Asia was held in Guangzhou Pazhou PWTC Expo. Zowee Precision, the wholly-owned subsidiary of our company attended the grand event.
       According to the committee, the exhibition, in the size of 20,000 square meters, with products covering the entire production chain, from design, to molding to mass production, is a leading international profession exhibition. The exhibition gathered the top molding factories and machinery equipment suppliers around the world, to display the latest mould & die, molding technology and related machinery, equipment and material. It attracted a number of large-scale and well-known enterprises, including BYD, Foxconn, Honda, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, seeking for various solutions of product design, molding and mass production. 
       International Die & Mould Manufacturing Technology Exhibition for Asia has always been keeping pace with the international mould & die market. Zowee Precision shall take advantage of this opportunity, to have a share in the mold & die market, improve the popularity and reputation, and become the dark horse in the field. 
       Under the leadership of Xu Liping, the General Manager of Zowee Precision, and Chen Jinming, the die & mould Director, the Zowee Precision die & mould elite team actively arranged the exhibitions, and warmly received, to display the characteristics and selected products of the company, becoming the highlight of this exhibition. In this exhibition, we displayed two sets of selected mold (one set of automobile component die & mould, and one set of mobile phone inner film) and dozens of sets of superior plastic parts (including some automobile components and mobile phone shell). During the exhibition, we received various customers in accordance with the enterprise tenet "keep improving, keep striving for the industry model". Most of the customers were highly interested in our mold and plastic parts. A lot of domestic and abroad well-known enterprises, including Midea, Panasonic, came to our booth for negotiation. Both parties had very pleasant communication and expected further cooperation. 
       With the joint efforts of Zowee Precision elite team, the exhibition achieved complete success. It is said that Zowee Precision planned to attend the Euromold held in German from November 27 to November 30. This is a mold exhibition that drew the attention of the mould & die industry all over the world. Look forward to the excellent performance of Zowee Precision in this world class exhibition. 
       The young Zowee Precision has broad development space and infinite development potential, as well as greater responsibilities and obligations. In the future, with more responsibilities and missions, Zowee Precision will keep fighting and keep improving, to enter the new stage.  

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