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Open innovation laboratory configuration prototype manufacturing, electronics assembly related equipment and tools, for members to share resources.
With the approaching of Industry 4.0, the core lies in keeping improving enterprise innovation and system efficiency in the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing.
Combined with IE lean manufacturing, introduced with the JIT feeding mode, reduced by relevant intermediate links of material delivery
Dedicating to enriching life and improving efficiency through a better IoT world
Lingoes is an open source hardware platform that can be used as a many peripheral for stand-alone operation.
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Risk Managment

       Health and Safety of Staff
       We pay attention to the health of staff and arrange medical examinations for staff every year. At the same time, we set up the internal health communication platform, providing targeted professional health knowledge, which guides staff to pay attention to their health with more vivid form; meanwhile, we improve the fresh air in the office environment, continue to improve indoor air quality and drinking water, and prefect the dining environment, greening and leisure fitness sites.
       Safe production operation of Zowee is relatively stable overall, and Zowee continuously takes effective action to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents and to ensure there is free of safety accident with major manufacturing responsibility. At the same time, it operates continuous fire control management responsibility system and fire control hardware system management and carries out fire safety training in global operations.
       Product Safety
       Product safety is directly related to health and safety the customers and consumers, which has always been a focus of public attention. Zowee has been sticking to the inheritance and practice of product safety, implementing strict product safety standards, constantly making breakthrough and innovation in the field of product safety, aiming to provide high security and reliability consumer products and services. 


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