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CSR Policy
       Three basic policies of CSR
       Build a better society
       Create social demand and keep offering excellent technology, products and services
       Stick to the principle of sunshine-like clear operation during implementing enterprise activities
       Obey laws and social norms, abide by the disclosure obligation, and carry out transparent and lawful business activities
       Actively devote ourselves to solving the social problems as a member of society
       Devote ourselves to solving social problems such as human right, labor and environment by exerting the unique advantages of Zowee
       Zowee CSR System
       In face of the challenge of creating the most reasonable social value
       Zowee has developed the three basic policies of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and continued to carry out stakeholder operation. It has implemented an institutional structure for work relating to economy, environment and society in 2008 based on enterprise governance mechanism and internal control, to build the CSR consensus worldwide.
       Cases of CSR: Zowee actively carries out earnest dialogues with stakeholders from the economic, environmental and social areas, etc. as a member of the international community, to build mutual trust and contribute to the sustainable development of the society. Zowee Technology has long conducted a rich mixture of CSR activities in China by centering on the following 3 areas.
With the group environmental policy made in 2006, Zowee Technology named its environment management vision "Green Zowee 2020" in 2010. On the basis of the above environmental policy and vision, Zowee is advancing its environment management practice by taking a reduction of negative effects of business activities on the environment as the core, mainly focusing on reducing the carbon dioxide emissions as well as the waste generated by business activities in Japan. 
       Zowee aims at providing the products and services conductive to reducing social and environmental load based on the brand new environment management vision "Green Zowee 2020", and always follows our mission of: improving our life and building a better society with our work. Zowee Technology will further promote environment operation through those activities, and strive for building a sustainable recycling-based society. 
       CSR Procurement Guidelines 
       With the CSR procurement guidelines, Zowee Technology hopes to advance the improvement activities concerning labor, safety and sanitation, environment, morality, product safety, business continuity plan and management together with suppliers, to enable the whole supply chain to avoid risks and enterprise to obtain sustainable development, and perform responsibilities to the society. 


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