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Lingoes is an open source hardware platform that can be used as a many peripheral for stand-alone operation.
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Components selection and the suggestion
       To constantly improve component selection specification and optimize component library to provide customers with high-accuracy component selection scheme and facilitate one-stop circuit design. 

      Selection of components and parts is crucial to circuit design, as shortening product delivery cycle is each enterprise’s pursuit in an age of intelligent hardware.

        We have extensive experience in both procurement of components and parts and performance satisfaction, to help you avoid problems in component selection from the beginning of design process, and cooperate with global top-class manufacturers to ensure material quality and smooth delivery.

      With regard to design, how much basic components and parts of circuit meet the requirements for electromagnetic characteristics will decide how much the functional units and final equipment meet electromagnetic compatibility. Actual components and parts are not always "ideal", but deviated from the desired characteristics. An actual component/part itself may be an interference source, so correct selection is critical.

      Based on more than ten years of experience in development and manufacturing of electronic products, Zowee has been improving component selection specification and optimizing component library, to provide customers with strict and high-efficiency selection scheme by focusing on customers’ benefits and facilitate one-stop circuit design.

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