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Lingoes is an open source hardware platform that can be used as a many peripheral for stand-alone operation.
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Wireless Application Design

       WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee are the core of IoT and intelligent hardware products, which have been widely applied in household automation, embedded sensing and industrial control fields. From the beginning of our business operation, Zowee Tech is one of the first group of network communication developers in China. Over more than ten years of technological research and exploration, Zowee currently has become a proactive wired/wireless technology solution provider in various communication equipment and consumer electronic product fields, and provide various wireless solutions for Household appliance, security, intelligent hardware and IoT suppliers, including wireless control, wireless music, video, data transmission, intelligent network access and technical applications based on Android/Linux/ARM architecture.

       Faced with the upcoming trend of Internet of Everything (IoE), Zowee Tech will strive to take the good opportunity for rapid growth in the age of IoT, take wireless technologies as our major development field, actively develop in-depth cooperation with chips solution suppliers, constantly meet fusion and added value-added applications of wireless technologies in the context of mobile Internet and smart family in future. Zowee has accumulated extensive experience in RF module development, RF circuit simulation, RF indicator testing, on-board aerial design and testing, applied wireless technologies such as 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi/5Ghz Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth /Zigbee in products of various industries, and actively developed hardware facilities while making continuous investments in technologies. We boast advanced RF lab to meet development of various RF applications and equip the manufacturing lines with cutting-edge testing equipment to ensure consistency in massive production.

       Zowee is not only a strategic supplier to a number of major Household appliance manufacturers among global Top 500 enterprises, but also actively develops cooperation with domestic major Internet companies to boost development of intelligent hardware.



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