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With the approaching of Industry 4.0, the core lies in keeping improving enterprise innovation and system efficiency in the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing.
Combined with IE lean manufacturing, introduced with the JIT feeding mode, reduced by relevant intermediate links of material delivery
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Lingoes is an open source hardware platform that can be used as a many peripheral for stand-alone operation.
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Automation development

      In customer product development stage, Zowee will evaluate product manufacturability, and seek a best automation solution to assemble products faster and more stably, so our automation RD team and product development team will discuss and design automation equipment solution in the early stage.

      With more than ten years of technology accumulation, Zowee is capable of quickly providing automated/semi-automated equipment solution for assembly and testing of your products. These equipment will apply and integrate visual sensors, robot arm, motion control, material conveying and various assembly processes. Our professional automation RD team will provide optimum Automated Manufacturing solution for customers. Once verified and tested successfully by customer, the automated equipment will be replicated rapidly in our automated equipment manufacturing workshop.

      Flexible automation provides continuous and globally competitive solution for our customers, and has been advantageous in many different industries, especially for products with fast changing manufacturing equipment and short life cycle. Flexible automation allows quick product import and ramp-up massive production. With years of technology accumulation, our automated system solution allows flexible and configurable assembly by component, enables multi-robot and multi-process design, and achieves quick deployment of manufacturing lines by process. 

      Our automation system has assumed data transmission chain between MES and automated equipment, achieved seamless integration of automation equipment and information management. Zowee also tailors automated assembly, testing and packaging solutions for large-size manufacturers, so as to provide customers with tailored high-efficiency high-quality and cost-effective automated manufacturing system.


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