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Social Responsibility

The company takes "embrace Internet of everything, lead China’s intelligent manufacturing, boost global innovation" as the enterprise tenet and "devoted to products and services value appreciation" as the company mission, adheres to the core values of "honesty, progressing, cooperation, sharing", while pursues economic benefits and creates value for shareholders, actively fulfills the due duty of the enterprise, constantly advances and perfects the social responsibility system construction and earnestly implements the social responsibility. 
1. The company always adheres to the people-oriented, concerns about the staff’s work, life, health and safety, safeguards various rights and interests of staff, enhances the cohesion of the enterprise and achieves the common growing of the staff and the enterprise. 
The company constantly regularizes the labor power employment system. The company implements labor contract system, strictly executes the national labor power employment system, labor protection system and social security system in accordance with the provisions of Labor Contract Law and relevant laws and regulations on labor, pays the medical insurance, pension insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing accumulation fund for enterprise staff in accordance with the provisions of the state and local competent departments and earnestly ensures the lawful rights and interests of staff. 
The company constantly promotes the construction of enterprise culture as a long-term task, enhances staff’ self-cognition, value cognition and the value judgment ability of doing things, makes the enterprise culture run through the various levels of the staff’ code of conduct, professional quality, professional ability, professional ethics and professional spirit, etc., builds good corporate culture atmosphere, enhances the cohesion of the enterprise and achieves the common growing of the staff and company. The company organizes the internal and external training for the staff at regular and irregular intervals, at the same time provides safe and comfortable working environment for the staff and actively carries out a variety of activities to enrich the life of staff, which has enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the company. 
The company has set up the lean manufacturing project team to promote the company’s lean manufacturing and improvement and innovation work, improve the lean management ability of the business personnel and technical personnel as well as perfect the complementary incentive system, fully mobilize and inspire the enthusiasm of the staff and constantly improve the whole average per capita efficiency of the company. 
2. The company attaches great importance to environment management and occupational health and safety management, carries out the entry safety and fire safety training for new employees, conducts the periodic safety education and the drill on various security and fire control measures for staff every year and improves the safety responsibility and safety awareness of the staff. The company has passed the management systems such as the ISO 14001:2004 environment management system authentication, GB/T 28001-2011 occupational health and safety management system certification and three-level evaluation on safety production standardization and has established a special management organization to conduct the daily management on the environment, occupational health, safety production, quality management, etc., so as to achieve the goals of environmental and occupational health and safety management and promote the win-win of company benefit, society benefit and environment benefit.
There exist no such cases as the company suffers the rectification request or filing inspection or administrative penalty conducted by the departments such as quality and technical supervision department. 
3. The company has always been committed to promises, always adheres to the principle of the supremacy of customers, provides customers with products of high quality and satisfactory services and fully protects the interests of customers. The company pays attention to strengthening the communication with customers and forms the strategic partnership of long-term friendly cooperation with the cooperation as the link on the basis of good faith to achieve the mutual benefit and win-win of the supply and demand parties and together create wealth for the society. 
The company fully respects the lawful rights and interests of banks, suppliers, staff and customers and other interested parties, adheres to the principles of honest and trustworthy, fair and just in economic activities, cultivates the good enterprise image and promote the smooth, constant and sound development of the company. 
4. The company fully builds the management idea of respect for investors and capital market, attaches great importance to carry out the investor relation management, keeps smooth communication with investors and promotes the investor’s understanding and recognition of the company. The company strictly performs the duty of disclosure of information, authentically, accurately, timely and completely discloses the relevant information, at the same time earnestly completes the insider information management and confidentiality and maintains the fair principle of information disclosure. The company attaches importance to the reasonable returns to investors and during the reporting period, the company has formulated the Shareholders Returns Plan in Next Three Years (2015-2017) to effectively protect the lawful rights and interests of the shareholders. 
5. The company is brave in undertaking the social responsibility and actively participates in social public welfare undertakings. Care about staff with difficulty and care for life of staff. The company carries out the care for staff in daily activities. Create jobs and promote the construction of a harmonious society. Take an active part in the various community activities of competent organizations, response to community arrangement and build a good community relationship. As the company scale expands constantly, the company undertakes greater social responsibility and actively provides jobs to  create conditions for social harmony and stability.

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